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It is the mission of FIFTEEN-TWENTY TWO CONSULTING to identify every opportunity that will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your financial and operational team allowing for the greatest potential of overall ministry success to be attained consistently as lives are connected and transformed by the Gospel!

We have designed a clear and concise framework that starts with your input, your concerns and your needs. It is a prescriptive approach that engages your team and then works with your team to accomplish the objectives consistent with your mission to reach your community with the Gospel!

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Identify the Opportunities

We examine how your organizations is operating and the practices that are in place. We review the corporate and financial reports and transactions. This assessment reviews the corporate documents, policy/procedures and internal controls. We will also review the current and prior year (or two) of financial reports, monthly transactions, account reconciliations and financial practices. [Click here to see a Assessment Report Sample.]

Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.


Achieving Results Together

Identify opportunities - Leverage strengths - Minimize weaknesses - Avoid threats - Establish strategies - Define objectives - Determine timelines - Deliver Results!

FIFTEEN-TWENTY TWO CONSULTING will help you connect people with the Kingdom! We offer comprehensive engagements starting at only 4 weeks that will define, clarify and articulate actions that are in line with the vision and mission of your organization. Our processes bring focus on key areas of opportunity. Again, we combine our insights and skills to help you lead and steward the time, talents and treasures your team has been given to shepherd!


Monthly Support for Your Team

We will take each step with you on this journey. We will not simply layout a plan and then just leave you to figure out how to do it along with all your other responsibilities!

We offer monthly support at levels that is scaled for your environment. Let us help you. We serve with your team every month on a "fractional" basis that is affordable. We can establish leadership development strategies for your team. We can increase the effectiveness and focus of your administrative staff. Maybe, you need to create clear separation of duties. Call us today and learn how we can come serve you and your team!

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